I use to think that Joseph Morgan was not very good looking….but now I think he’s extremely sexy.
Who’s mind has been changed, as well?

3 years ago on 29 May 2011 @ 1:20pm 18 notes
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  2. imjustwater answered: damon is the best!
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  4. ashbee11 answered: I was not a fan when he first came on but then seeing him in action changed everything!
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  6. honourinrevenge answered: mine. i used to hate him when he first joined TVD, now i fucking love him. :)
  7. sydneysquared answered: mine!
  8. penrose-3eck answered: mine! MINE! Now, I’m fanfirling over him *-*
  9. fangbanging-whores answered: not :/
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